Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Deal With Negative Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something that I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, there is “positive peer pressure,” where you are convinced to do something good because of the people around you. Some examples would include: quitting smoking because your kids say they don’t like it, ordering a salad instead of a burger because everyone else at the table is eating healthy, or working out with your friend because she insisted on dragging you to the gym. Really, I think most people would call this more inspiration or motivation than peer pressure, but you catch my drift.

Then there’s negative peer pressure… the kind you thought you wouldn’t have to deal with after high school, but it turns out is part of our everyday life. Negative peer pressure irritates me A LOT. I go into most situations with confidence, so when someone tries to convince me to do something, I think “Ummm, and what do YOU know?”

So why am I talking about negative peer pressure on a fitness blog? I want to touch on it because I think it’s a real problem that people face when they are bettering themselves. I was in a Facebook group earlier today, and a woman had posted that someone had actually said to her “I can’t even tell you’ve lost 17 pounds.” Who says that to someone? TO THEIR FACE?

I wouldn’t consider myself a very sensitive person, so I would have responded to that person, “well you must be a blind idiot then.” Buuuuuuut not everyone is as blunt as I am. Not everyone is going to immediately notice your changes—they’re not looking at you like you do. I’m sure you scrutinize your body daily, noticing the tiniest change. But once you do start to lose a good amount of weight or gain a good amount of muscle definition, people will start to notice. And if they don’t? Who cares? You’re not doing this for them—you’re doing this for you!

The other side of negative peer pressure that isn’t as mean, but happens really often and people may not realize how bad their being is a situation like this: “Sonya and I are going to get pizza for dinner tonight, do you want to join?... Oh come on, who cares about your diet?... One night out won’t kill you!... You don’t need to lose weight anyway!”

Your friend is doing one of a few things:
  1. Really just wants to hang out with you, so is trying to get you to join her, in order to spend time with you. In which case, you can ask to meet at the gym instead or go for a walk together.
  2. Is only thinking of herself and just wants people to be around her so she doesn’t feel guilty as she’s eating HER pizza. In which case, she can get over it.
  3. She is jealous of your progress and wants to sabotage you (probably unlikely… unless she’s a “frenemy”). In which case, maybe you shouldn’t be friends with her. 

A lot of times when people do this, they think what they are doing is harmless. But when you are new to a diet, not seeing results as fast as you want, or tired of the diet you’re on, you can easily be swayed and could easily give in to this pressure. I’m sure a good friend doesn’t want you to get off track because of something he or she said!

The best tips I can give are:
  1. Make sure your friends are real friends that are supportive. If they are, they should respond well to “I really need you to support me while I’m getting my health together.”
  2. Invite your friends to get healthy with you. You can host a “clean eating” potluck at your house or start a walking group.
  3. If you have any friends or family that are on a similar journey, try to hang out with them a little more than you used to. Maybe you’ll experience some positive peer pressure!

No matter what happens, you’ve got to remember why you’re doing this—for yourself! Don’t worry about anyone who wants to negatively pressure you! They’ve got their own issues to deal with.

If you’re looking for a place where you will always find positivity and support for your journey, a challenge group is a great place to start!

I’ve had some questions about WHAT IS A CHALLENGE GROUP? So I thought I’d explain how I run challenge groups:

  1. I get a group of people together who are each planning on beginning (or currently working on) a Beachbody program (see this post for more information on popular programs), using me as their coach.
  2. I form a group on Facebook, where those people can be in a safe environment to post their progress, tips, or anything they have questions about.
  3. I provide daily coaching to the group, as well as individual check-ins as often as is needed for each member!

This is what I love about Beachbody! It combines FITNESS, NUTRITION, AND SUPPORT to help you meet your needs. Those three things combined are what lead to you being successful! If you would learn more about my next challenge group (beginning March 2nd—filling spots until February 21st!), please comment below, contact me in the form at the bottom of the page, or follow me on facebook/instagram!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3 Day Refresh Review

In a previous post, I had talked about my binge eating problems and how I really needed to get my nutrition back on track. I have been doing a great job sticking to my workouts and planning meals, but I was sneaking a lot of junk food that was sabotaging my nutrition! In order to fix this, I decided to try out Beachbody’s 3 Day Refresh.

Normally, I would not do any type of cleanse because I don’t believe in starving yourself. However, you actually get to eat on the 3 Day Refresh! Was I a little hungry? Yes. Did I feel like I was going to die of starvation? No (and I get hangry very easily).

To give you a little bit of an idea of the 3 Day Refresh, here is my story about it!

First, you get this box in the mail (I ordered the one that does not come with Shakeology because I already have Shakeology).

Then, you commit to three days of following the plan!

Day 1:
Day one was the hardest. I started out my day with my Shakeology breakfast and then did Piyo Drench (47 minutes of intense working out), which put me at a big calorie deficit the rest of the day. I had planned on drinking all of the teas that you are allowed to drink, in order to help fill me up, but I was running around doing errands most of the day and time got away from me. The worst part was dinner—Nik and I had gone to the movies that afternoon and didn’t get home until almost 7:00, so I was in need of some serious dinner and had a bad headache because I had waited too long to eat and had not had enough water. But that’s my fault!

Here is the lowdown of what I ate on day 1:

  1. Chocolate Shakeology blended with half a banana
  2. Fiber Sweep drink
  3. Grilled squash and Vanilla Fresh drink, blended with raspberries
  4. Celery and hummus
  5. Steamed veggies and Vanilla Fresh drink, blended with cinnamon
  6. (extra meal to make up for Drench) Strawberries and blueberries (1/2 serving of each)

Day 2:
Day two was the easiest day for me (most people say day three is, but I’ll get to that)! I did Piyo Sweat in the morning so it wasn’t quite as intense as the previous day. I also spent a lot of time at home, so I wasn’t burning calories running around town. AND I was much better at spacing my meals out! I had a slight headache that would pop up throughout the day, but ibuprofen combatted that just fine, and I really think that was more from sinuses than anything!

Here is what I ate for day 2:


  1. Chocolate Shakeology blended with half a banana
  2. Fiber Sweep drink
  3. Grilled squash, half serving of strawberries and Vanilla Fresh drink, blended with other half of strawberries
  4. Celery and hummus
  5. Green tea
  6. Asparagus and Vanilla Fresh drink, blended with cinnamon

Day 3:
Day three was not as bad as day one, but I was hungrier than I was on day two. I think this is because I had to go to work on day 3, so my brain was burning up a lot of my calories and I was using up a lot of energy! However, knowing that I would be done with it that night kept me going!

Here’s what I had as meals for day 3:

  1. Chocolate Shakeology blended with half a banana
  2. Fiber Sweep drink
  3. Asparagus, strawberries, and Vanilla Fresh drink, blended with cinnamon
  4. Celery and hummus
  5. Green Tea
  6. Steamed veggies and Vanilla Fresh drink, blended with cinnamon

What did I think of the program overall?
It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! I’ll be honest, the Fiber Sweep drink is gross, but you do it once a day and chug it and get on with your life! The Vanilla Fresh drink was alright—blending it with the fruit made it taste nice! I did get a little tired of eating nothing but veggies and shakes, but it’s 3 days. I could suck it up for 3 days! Note—I did not have a ton of variety in my meals because I am lazy and wanted to be able to prep a couple things at once!

So what were my results?
I ended up losing two pounds and about two inches between Saturday morning (day 1) and this morning. I think I would have lost more, but today starts that time of the month. Most people have said that they continue to drop pounds in the days after the program, so I am looking forward to seeing that! My clothes fit sooo much better and I feel so much less bloated than I did before! I was craving some real food this morning, but it was in the form of EGGS, not candy or sweets!

Would I do it again?
YES! The 3 Day Refresh did exactly what I needed it too—it helped me to get rid of some of the bad habits that I had formed in recent weeks! In fact, I am planning on doing it again in about 2 months!

Where do I go from here?
Obviously, when you come off of the 3 Day Refresh, you can’t go back to what you were doing before. You will gain the weight back (and more), and you honestly just wasted your money. I am making myself log every single thing in MyFitnessPal so that I don’t think “oh this doesn’t count!” I am also giving up candy for lent, so hopefully that will get things under control! J

Is 3 Day Refresh right for you? Maybe.

Who 3 Day Refresh IS for:
-People who need to get rid of a few bad habits.
-People who have a plan for how to continue to eat without giving in to those bad habits.
-People who have just come back from a trip where they over indulged (such as going home for the holidays).
-People who want to get a jumpstart on their weightloss.
-People who have hit a plateau in their weightloss.

Who 3 Day Refresh is NOT for:
-People who are currently eating 2000 calories a day or more. 3 Day Refresh would cut that in half and might be too much of a shock to your body. I would recommend slowly lowering your calorie intake for a little while before trying it.
-People who are not willing to make permanent changes after 3 Day Refresh is over.
-People who have NO CLUE what to do after 3 Day Refresh is over. **However, this is different if you are starting a program that will guide you right after 3 Day Refresh, then that is perfect!

Want to know more about 3 Day Refresh or are interested in trying it? Visit this link to see a video!

If you would like to join my upcoming challenge group, beginning March 2nd, the deadline to sign up with me is February 21st (or you won’t have enough time for your program to come in the mail)! If you are interested, please comment below or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page!

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

So You Want to Start Working Out? Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about creating goals for yourself before starting on a journey to healthier lifestyle.

Once you’ve made those goals and committed to them (commitment is KEY), you are ready for a plan. Now, here’s my question, are you the type of person who is going to be able to stay motivated, make yourself go to the gym or make yourself run, and make yourself eat healthy food ALL ON YOUR OWN? I’m not. I liked going to the gym because it was kind of hard to slack off with so many people working out around me, but it was hard to actually GET to the gym! When I was trying to run (which I now know I can’t do because my legs just won’t cooperate), there were any number of excuses I could come up with… it’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s raining, there’s too many people out and about, etc. Also, when it comes to diet, when no one is holding me accountable for things that I’m eating, I will eat whatever I want.

The best thing I did for myself was purchase a Beachbody program. I’m not just saying this as a Beachbody coach, but when all I have to do is pop a DVD in and do a 30 minute workout in my living room, it’s a little harder to come up with an excuse. Each Beachbody program even comes with a calendar that tells you the order in which do the workout, so there isn’t even any decision-making you need to do! When I was going to the gym, I would have to sit for a while each week and plan out each individual workout in order to be successful—Beachbody does this for you!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I am completing the Piyo program right now (almost done with week 6/8!) and I LOVE it. Choosing Piyo was a simple decision for me—I love pilates and yoga, I love similar programs that combine a little bit of cardio with those, and I need low impact exercises that are high intensity, which is what Piyo is! In thinking of the next program that I want to try, I had to think a little harder.

Now that I am close to finishing Piyo I needed to think about what I wanted out of my next program. I would like to continue with workouts that are around 30 minutes, I want a little more cardio to up my calorie burn each time, and I want to extend the results I am getting from Piyo. I looked at all of my options and decided on Insanity Max:30! I have seen a ton of posts all over Instagram with people posting their “max out time” pictures and I know Shaun T is intense! As I’ve watched people posting their “max out time” pictures, I’ve noticed that their times (“max out” means to go as hard as you can until you can’t anymore and stop to rest; the “max out time” is how long you could go before you maxed out) start out very low and they end up getting very close to the end of the 30 minutes at the end of the 2 months of the program. What I love about that is I don’t WANT to perform the same way at the beginning of a workout program as I do at the end! Plus, the selling point for this program was that it also has a modifier track for each of the workouts, so I don’t have to worry about injuring my legs more!

But what’s the right program for YOU? As a Beachbody coach, I have done the research for you! I have combed through Beachbody’s top programs and described them here for you! When you’re ready to commit to one of these programs and get awesome results, I will be here to coach you along the way! Be sure to watch the videos that I've included as links in the "Want to learn more" part for each program--that's what will really help you decide!

21 Day Fix

What is it? A fitness and nutrition program that makes everything very simple! The program includes 30 minute workouts for any level of fitness and portion-control containers to help you get your diet under control! And it only takes 21 days!!

Who is it for? People just starting off on their journey to a healthier lifestyle and/or people who struggle with portion control. It is also a great program for people that need to lose a lot of weight within a short amount of time.

Want to learn more? Here is a video showing you how awesome the program is!

21 Day Fix EXTREME

What is it? Beachbody’s newest program, 21 Day Fix Extreme, is the more advanced version of 21 Day Fix. It also has a slightly stricter eating plan.

Who is it for? People who are ready for a more advanced workout program and who want to see even more results!

Want to learn more? Here is a video showing you how to get amazing results with this program!

Focus T25

What is it? A 10-week program that consists of 25-minute workouts, 5 days a week. It is from the same creator as Insanity and involves cardio and strength.

Who is it for? People who don’t have time for longer workouts, people who want a ton of results fast, and people who want a high-intensity workout!

Want to learn more? Watch this video of Shaun T in action!


What is it? A 60-day program that revolves around interval training, which alternated intensity and results in a high calorie burn and amazing results!

Who is it for? People who are graduates of other Beachbody programs or have a good general fitness level. These workouts are intense! Actually, they’re INSANE! 

Want to learn more? Check out Shaun T’s insane workouts here.


What is it? P90X offers 12 different workouts to target each part of your body. For men, it offers “bulking” options and for women, it offers “leaning” options. The workouts vary in intensity, length, cardio, and strength.

Who is it for? P90X is really good for great weightloss! It is also a very well-rounded program. If this sounds like what you want in a program, then it is for you!

Want to learn more? Watch this video of Tony Horton, one of my favorite trainers, in action!


 What is it? Piyo is a fast-paced mix of yoga and pilates moves. It provides enough cardio to get your heart rate up but focuses on strength and flexibility.

Who is it for? Piyo is great for people who need low-impact workouts but still want to have a good amount of intensity! It’s also for people who want to sculpt their muscles and improve their flexibility.

Want to learn more? Watch Chalene Johnson in this video as she shows you some great Piyo moves!

So… are you interested in committing to yourself and getting the support you need to be successful at a workout program? If you are, I’m holding Challenge groups beginning March 2nd! You will get daily motivation, inspiration, and support to make you successful at your Beachbody program. Are you up for the challenge? If so, comment below or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

So You Want to Start Working Out? PART 1

Have you let go of your excuses yet? Are you ready to get your life in gear and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle?

So now what do you do?


Now, I am a very type-A person. I wake up in the morning already mapping out my entire day. As a teacher, I am a natural-born planner. I currently know what my students and I will be doing every day for the next week and a half. Can normal people say that about their jobs?

That being said, before my clicking point, I was not very good at planning out how I wanted to reach my weightloss goals. My plans consisted of “I’ll eat some salad” or “I’ll go to the gym.” I lollygagged around with that attitude for years before I got it together, started doing a ton of research, and really thought about what I wanted to achieve. Before I thought about things, I’d try to replace my bad snacks with only slightly better snacks and think I was doing enough (but not seeing results and getting frustrated about it) or I’d go to the gym and just kind of randomly get on machines and use them for a minute or two and move on (also so no results).

Things didn’t really change until I started setting goals for myself. Here are some of the goals that I worked toward in my first year of my journey:

  1. Record all food and keep calories at a certain amount.
  2. Work on getting macros at the right amount each day.
  3. Work out 4-5 times per week, doing cardio each time and alternating parts of the body for strength training.

For the most part, I did a good job (there were periods where I slacked, but I learned a lot about what leads to success and what does not). Recording all of my food and focusing on my macros really helped me to start to see food as more than just food, but a way to fuel my body (“my body is a temple blah blah”). I also went into each of my workouts knowing exactly what I was going to do and I left the gym each time feeling like I had really worked something!

  1. A year into this process, I am at a different place. Some of my goals are the same and some of them have changed. For the most part, here they are: 
  2. Record ALL food (including the random Hershey Kiss here and there) and keep calories at a certain amount. 
  3. Stick to a pre-set meal plan each week in order to get macros at the right amount each day.
  4. Drink at least 70-90 ounces per water a day.
  5. Work out 6 times per week, focusing on modifying less and less each time I complete a workout.
  6. Create less opportunity for injury.
  7. Inspire others to work out and be healthy.

What I want you to do over the next few days is think about your own goals. Think about what you want to achieve (lose 20 pounds, drop 2 pants sizes, run a 5k in under 30 minutes, etc.) and then think about HOW you are going to achieve that. Once you have had a chance to do so, I will have a “part 2” of this post that will talk more about what to do once you have set those goals. J