Sunday, March 8, 2015

Piyo Final Review and Results

I have been a little MIA lately! I’m working on some really big assignments for grad school right now and they are sucking up all of my time and energy! Luckily, I have still made time to work out and have finally reached the end of the Piyo program!

What did I think of it?
I LOVED it!! I’ll be honest, there were days where I wanted some cardio, so I did a little bit of cardio with it, but the Piyo workouts are really good workouts by themselves. I can tell that I am a lot stronger than I was before, my body feels less jiggly and more “firm,” and I do have some tiny muscles coming in!

As for the workouts themselves, I did come out of this with some favorites that I will miss doing often. Because of this, I am going to actually be incorporating Piyo into my Insanity Max: 30 schedule, which will be my next 60 day endeavor!

What were my results?
I lost of total of 7 pounds and 9.2 inches. I was kind of bad in the beginning about following the meal plan, so I probably would have lost more weight if I had more self control, but I did not think I would lose those kinds of inches! After Christmas, I could barely button any of my pants and was just feeling very bloated all the time. Now my waistbands are getting looser and I feel lean!

I think the best part about it isn’t even the weightloss or how my clothes fit, it’s how I FEEL. My mood has been so much better (probably due somewhat to Shakeology every day) and I just don’t feel sluggish like I used to! I am a much happier person!

So what is Piyo?
PiYo is an eight-week long, complete at-home workout program designed by Chalene Johnson for Beachbody to totally transform your body in just 60 days without any weights, jumps, or strain on your body.

It was designed to increase flexibility and strength, by using a combination of Pilates and Yoga-based moves to get you long, lean toned muscle all while keeping the pace quick enough to help you burn unwanted fat. This program will define your muscles and leave your feeling more flexible!

The great thing about this program is that anyone can do it! I chose to do Piyo because I had some injuries that needed to heal before I could do any high-impact workouts, but I still wanted to do something that had high intensity! If you aren’t as flexible or strong yet, each workout has a modifier that you can follow to help you feel more successful!

Want to learn more about Piyo?

Here’s a video to learn more!

Interested in ordering Piyo?
There are a few different options…
Click here for the Piyo Base Kit.
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