Sunday, August 9, 2015

My #1 Tip for Motivating Yourself to Start Working Out

When I was growing up, I was not an active person in the slightest. I didn’t play sports or work out, I just kind of sat around and did my school work and read. While that did contribute to me being a decently smart person, it did not contribute to my health. I knew I probably should exercise and had the typical teenage self consciousness that led to me being concerned about my weight (although I was skinny), but it still wasn’t enough to do anything about it.

Even in college, when I did start to work out a TINY bit (anything was an improvement from high school), I drank and ate like crap because my parents weren’t around to serve me balanced meals. I gained weight and I knew I would feel better about myself if I lost weight, but it still wasn’t enough to get me in gear.

Once I graduated and started teaching, there were a couple of years there where I still didn’t care enough to actually lose weight. I even had a gym membership! But I complained that I didn’t have time to work out and I didn’t have time to cook meals at home or enough money to buy healthy food. All I did was complain and not doing anything about it. I’ve looked back on that time and thought, “Why didn’t I get off my butt and just DO it?” Now I realize why—it just wasn’t a priority. Work and school were my priorities, and my health was quickly degenerating because of it. I had constant stomach problems (I’ve always had stomach problems, but it had gotten out of control), I was so fatigued and on so many antidepressants that I was basically a zombie, and I was too wrapped up in all of this to be affective at the job that I was doing all of this for! After I realized this, it finally clicked for me… getting healthy and taking care of myself HAD to be a priority, or the rest of my life just wasn’t going to be at its best.

I had found my “WHY”—I wanted to lose weight and get healthy so that I could feel good enough on a regular basis to be the great teacher that I wanted to be! Once I had a “why,” it was easy to make working out, cooking healthy meals, and making better choices a priority!

If you keep making excuses about working out and eating right, STOP. You’re not doing yourself (or anyone around you) any favors.

Ask yourself this question—WHY should getting healthy be a priority and what are you going to do to get there?

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